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Practice Self-Care

Coronavirus is a real threat and must be treated as such. For now, there is no vaccine, nor a treatment. Therefore, staying at home is the best way to face it. Remember: if you cannot win a fight, avoiding it is in order. This is the principle to be applied in this case.

For this quarantine, let´s keep in mind what we need and cannot run out of, plus what it is necessary if we get sick. So, we have to get a 14-day supply of the following ítems:

Food and water: canned food is useful, of course. Make sure you get vegetables and proteins. Plain crackers and soups are also very important in case you get the flu, whether or not it is related to COVID-19.

Frozen food for 14 days may need a big space in your fridge, but it is really necessary.

Non-perishable healthy foods, such as granola bars, nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter, jelly, etc, are important, too. Anyhow, when you are at home you may feel tempted to get a lot of snacks throughout the day and these foods are ideal for that. Avoid eating too much, because inactivity and snacks can be really bad for you during these quarantine days.

Water and drinks in general must be abundant in your home during the quarantine. Drinks with vitamin C and tea are also useful to keep your immune system up. and your body hydrated.

In terms of hygiene and health, do not forget disinfectant (in case you go out for an important reason, you must take off your clothes, wash them immediately and disinfect your shoes, as they can transport the coronavirus, and take a thorough shower right away) wipes, detergents, toilet paper, and pads. For your health, remember that it seems that Paracetamol is safe for coronavirus infection, while there are doubts concerning Ibuprofen. “Better safe than sorry”.

Finally, your first aid kit must be updated and ready. Antiseptic wipes, antibacterial cream, bandages, and gloves are really important right now.

Self-care is the only guarantee against coronavirus, right now. Let´s follow the information of health experts, they are the ones who know the actual priorities as this pandemic period.