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Missing the teeth you no longer have? “It’s not strange for anyone to lose at least one tooth once in their life, but for many that can mean a lot more. The loss of teeth, with age, can even become a problem “,” It’s definitely something that has been seen in baby boomers, who are in the age range in which this is a real inconvenience.

” A dental implant replaces the root of the lost tooth and can prevent health and aesthetic problems. Fortunately, these days the lack of teeth is less than in previous generations, because dentistry has advanced a lot. With current techniques, people look more natural to smile, regardless of the vicissitudes of life.

The loss of teeth is usually due to accidents, gum problems, and careless teeth. “In almost all cases gum diseases and lack of dental health are simple lack of education and care,” say dentists. It is not only about brushing and flossing, but also about nutrition and other aspects.

Leaving open the space of a missing tooth may not sound very serious, but the consequences of not filling it may include: * Change of teeth position adjacent, damaging the bite and causing other problems. * Loss of teeth can shrink the jaw, making the face look older.

A lost tooth in front of the mouth can affect your smile and your self-esteem. In many situations, An implant can represent an aesthetic solution. A crown or bridge, secured to an implant, can be a complete solution. Advances in implants are part of the most modern in dentistry, and with good care, the patient has nothing to fear and is usually surprised by the fluidity with the one that many dentists provide their service.

As it is the case, of Fiesta Clinica Dental, we are here to assist you, returning not only the aesthetics to your smile but also the joy of knowing that your dental health is in the best hands: FIESTA CLINICA DENTAL